I Named It Hope

We planted roses at the blue house last week. My nephews brought us quite the collection from their grandma’s home. How special to have a piece of someone else’s garden!

As I wait for fall, I soak up all the late, golden days I have left. I may be drinking pumpkin spice lattes and planning holiday parties, but I’m happily sitting in the in-between season of summer-fall.

We’ll call it. . .Summerfall. 

I’ve also deemed these in-between weeks as “All Candles Must Go!” Which simply means, I’m burning all the leftover candles in my home so I can buy fresh holiday scents soon. It’s a good time to be alive! Clearly.

Back to the roses.

The roses sat in their pots for a few days while other projects were worked on. On Wednesday afternoon, I noticed one was getting ready to bloom and so I named that beautiful thing Hope.

Something I’m really learning about.

I thought to myself, “Good things are coming.” My thought was eventually countered with. . . “Good things are already here.”

Oh, how true.

That evening, my husband and nephews helped me find the best place for these fledgling roses. They dug the holes, added better soil, and admired all that was to come. I simply helped water in.

Who knew that a widening tear in a hose line could make this much beauty on a golden Summerfall evening.

On Thursday morning, I walked outside and Hope had already begun to burst. I was surprised. Already?

Another thought surfaced that day–

Good things always come sooner than we think they will. 

Good things are here. And we have hope. Even still. . .  (more) good things come sooner than we think they will.

If only we opened these out-of-practice eyes!

God is pouring out gifts and pouring over each day with Himself–grace, mercy, kindness, provision, compassion, and healing.

Even when the hose has a tear. And the soils starts out like hard clay. And the fledgling roses start life somewhere new. And change could possibly mean death, but life will win out somehow and in some way. Perhaps in rosy ways. Or thorny ways.

Well. . .

Most assuredly both.

God is just that powerful.

And on that same Thursday in the afternoon, I came home to hope.

Spread wide open.

What a greeting!

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