You’re Standing in Life

Are you ready for a crazy thought that darted through my evening last week? It took half a second to think, and the better part of two hours to explain. I’m still not sure it’s ready to share, but here goes anyway.

You ready?

Maybe this is actually life.

Not a season, or a stage, or a waiting game, or a not yet, or a someday. Maybe you are standing right in the big, vibrant, living middle. Your life isn’t waiting to start, because it never once stopped. Maybe this place is actually just life.


But maybe? You and I strap it down with exhausting mentalities which always seem to say, right here is not enough and you’re not living yet. And if there’s anything you and I know really well, it’s that a not quite-living-person doesn’t enjoy much of anything…so, we lose out on everything.

But what if life-now has the biggest potential of all? What if every heartbeat is a steady rhythm of purpose. Purpose woven by a Creator not a setting or a circumstance. Purpose not based on my work, but firmly established in the wonderful work God is doing in me. Purpose that never waits for the perfect time or the next season, but lovingly chooses right now as it always has and always will.

Maybe this is actually life. 

Maybe you aren’t missing out on anything at all.

Maybe there’s nothing to wait for, because you have God to LIVE for!

season or a stage has limitations, but you are not living in limitations. You are living in life with the God of life as your joy and strength for all the shatters and splinters right here. And isn’t it interesting that broken things welcome the light far better than whole and perfect things?

You don’t need to wait for more, because you have more than enough. The kind of  more-than that’s given abundantly by God, that bursts out springs despite dry ground, that overflows the valley-traveler’s cup.

This is actually life.  

A season of waiting doesn’t get the power to prohibit you from fully living. A life stage isn’t a pause from life, it’s your place in life right now. The future doesn’t exist in the moment, so you are free to live instead of just existing.

I readily admit that these reflections have plenty of holes and imperfections, but on a tired weekday in June? This might just be the crazy thought that will wake up your mind and heart to all you have right now and the all-in life you could know today.

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