This Is Not a Dead-End

Here’s a thought:

Your unmet expectations don’t determine the worth of your story.

Your good, but unfulfilled desires and dreams don’t determine the success of your life.

The ideas others have of how your life SHOULD be turning out have no authority or ability to stop God’s good plan + purpose for how your life will turn out.


You are not living a dead-end story, because our God is not a God of dead-ends. He is a God of making old things new, of making new things rich, of making all things joy.

God didn’t create you so He could forget you.

God didn’t create you so He could hurt you.

God didn’t create you so He could waste you.

God created you out of His own desire and delight (Psalm 139). And God is for your right now (Romans 8:24-39). He will never stop being for you even when you’re pretty certain that this time He has (definitely, for sure) written a dead-end story for your life.

Well, He hasn’t.

Don’t lose out on this season of pain, heartache, waiting, endurance, disappointment, or whatever it may be. God will not waste it, so you must live boldly here. Pour out your soul and watch it learn to celebrate. Teach your mind to go straight through the fire as you hold fast to the truth. Go with confidence where God has led you, and drag your heart along (Psalm 143:5-11).

Your heart will beat joy again. Your soul will sing along. And all the while, weaving through will be you the way God desired and designed…nothing wasted, now, then, or ever.

God made you on purpose and for a purpose (Ephesians 2:1-10), and none of your purpose is defined by humanity. You are a woman who can live confidently in the joy and beauty of God. Period. End of discussion.


Be bold here!

This season is not for halfhearted living. The Life-Giver can make life come out of this…. not in your way surely, but in His way fully and that will be the most beautiful, firsthand miracle.

So really? It’s not about embracing the season you are in, it’s about embracing who God is. It’s not about loving your story as is, but loving God with the entirety of your story.

Life begins when you stop making it all about you. And your soul will finally see that there is room for living here, there are new songs to sing here, and the best places for celebration happen to be here too. So don’t shut your eyes to the miraculous things God is working in your soul. Things you would never have known had you never stepped into this season which feels and looks like a dead-end, but moves and changes like a new beginning.

It’s just like God to bless us in all the ways that seem upside down and inside out.

This is life with God!

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