Ember the Bride

On Monday, I received a sister which is one of the greatest gifts to be given. Having grown up with and experienced countless seasons with my two sisters, I know that adding a sister is just the beginning of so much more. Ember, you are so loved by us, and we love that Bodie chose you and that you chose him.

Now, there’s four of us. 🙂 And I kinda think you fit right in! The funny part? Technically, you’re the only only Brock sister now since the rest of us married into different last names. How quickly the tables turn! 😉 By the way, I love the happiness on your face here. This is just the beginning of our sisterhood. ❤

On Sunday night, Bodie finally left the living room so you could show me your wedding dress hidden underneath the blanket. I’ve been gushing about your wedding dress for months and seeing your dress (in person!) was made even better by the fact that we were in Cheyenne’s home. These are the kind of things that dreams are made of! All four of us girls, in the midst of a crazy night, were together with your wedding dress sprawled over the couch. And it was the perfect dress for you in every way.

There is so much that goes on during a wedding day, but brides have this beautiful habit of exploding with joy despite the hustle and bustle of it all. I love this picture, and whatever happiness got caught in the photo.

This moment with your mom is priceless. I am sure your photographer got a more clear and detailed photo, but no amount of blurriness and low quality can hide the beauty of this quiet exchange. I love that blurry wedding pictures can’t hide a thing, because the joy of love is always shouting through.

There is no woman more suited for my brother. You were such a calm bride that it almost seemed like you were just getting ready for a fancy date, like this big day was just another day in the grand love story of you and Bodie. The three of us sisters got to drive with you to the first look, and while we disappeared before it happened, I can imagine you both shed a few tears and were filled with the celebration of finally being together to start a lifetime.

I am excited for you to experience weddings now that you and Bodie are married. You will be reminded of your vows, you will look at your young history and be thankful, you will see the hard seasons and weep, you will see the good seasons and rejoice. Other weddings will remind you of all you promised, of all you have experienced, of all the goodness and grace of God. This is the kind of beauty that deepens, and this is the kind of beauty I got to remember as we sang one of the last verses in Be Thou My Vision.

The lyrics still be my vision pressed into my heart. It was the perfect phrase to sum up the resolve and rejoicing of the last year in my own life and marriage. Weddings help you remember again, and that will be a wonderful experience all its own for you and Bodie.

There were so many little things about the ceremony that were special. I loved the tree snow from the Athel branches that got stuck in our hair. I love that it made us smile and laugh. I loved watching you hand your handkerchief to Bodie so he could keep it in his pocket. I loved that you had to use it again and that (once again), he had to stuff it in his pocket. I loved Grandpa’s prayer at the end of your ceremony, and how he prayed for our generation and the generations to come.

I loved watching you and Bodie hug tight with joy once you were down the aisle for the last time and finally husband and wife for the first time. I don’t know if you knew this, but the sky got the memo and matched your wedding colors beautifully. The sun seeped through the clouds, and I got distracted by the pretty fluff floating above us.

And kudos to my husband for getting the blurriest selfie in the world of all the brothers. It seems like these four men have always been family. Life before these guys were smashed in one fuzzy picture almost seems unimaginable. Life now is much more complete…and hilarious!

I love professional wedding photos, but I also love the unprofessional kind. Because (as I’ve said before!) no matter how bad the photo quality, you can just see the undercurrents of joy…or the explosions of it in many cases! Here we are…you and me...sisters. 🙂

It will be fun to see how God adds to your memories over the years. The photos at your reception were beautiful. They were the threshold of something new…but can you just imagine where God might take you from here? No matter where, his goodness and mercy follows and He will fulfill His purpose for you both. Even in the hard seasons, it will somehow be better than you could have dreamed up on your own.

It is a privilege to be such a deep part of your life. Family is for weeping, rejoicing, celebrating, grieving, holding, helping, supporting, encouraging,  laughing, and sticking side by side…and that’s what we all get to do now. This is its own kind of happily ever after!

We are cheering for you, Bodie and Ember Brock! Your deep love for others, your sensitivity to the individual needs of those around you, your desire to learn and grow, your passion for God and each other is a beautiful beginning. But the very long middle? That’s the best part!

God is going to weave something wonderful from your commitment. It won’t be because of you, but it will be because of God’s grace, His goodness, and His love for you.

To begin is a beautiful thing.

To finish is the grace of God.

And here we celebrate all that is and all that is to come!

Here’s to new sister adventures. Here’s to being a family. Here’s to very long middles. Here’s to attending wedding ceremonies and remembering our own vows. Here’s to laughing and rejoicing and making all sorts of memories we can’t quite imagine yet. Here’s to you both. Congratulations to the newest Brock family. ❤ We celebrate with you and we celebrate you!

(photos by me, my husband, and wedding guests}


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