Cheyenne the Bride

Let’s describe this wedding in one word…FUN! My younger sister, Cheyenne, has always made any place brighter just by being there. Her smile and laugh are infectious, but despite all her fun vibes, she is an incredibly passionate and determined woman.

Cheyenne is far left. Hannah is middle. And I’m on the right.

Since she and her new husband have been childhood sweethearts, the majority of the wedding party had all gone through high school together. The dress rehearsal was full of laughs, and it was only more humorous and hysterical because they got married in the auditorium where we all had our high school graduations. You can only imagine the jokes flying back and forth!

Sweet memories!

After much laughing, pointing out old lockers, making lots and lots, and LOTS of jokes, the rehearsal was finally over. Who knows where the guys went, but the girls went back to the house, escaped to the infamous girls room, before I made iced coffee for the bridal party and headed off and away to watch a chic flick. We piled on a bed, and got extra close to enjoy friendship, girly stuff, and of course, more laughs!

But here comes the good part!

My sister, Hannah, wanted Cheyenne to wake up to flowers, Starbucks coffee, and a yummy breakfast. So, she plotted and rounded up me and my brother’s girlfriend to make the super secret trip into town to surprise our fun-loving sister. We rolled out of bed, moseyed our way into town, and (literally) wandered our way around the grocery store trying to find everything we needed.

With Cheyenne’s flowers safe in hand; we made our way to Starbucks. Have you ever been in the drive-thru behind an extremely slow and annoying car?


We were so slow trying to get all of our ducks in a row, and after the patient workers handed us our tray full of drinks, we realized that we forgot to order Cheyenne’s drink.


So right there in our annoying state, we re-ordered for Cheyenne, and my caring sister (Hannah) donated money to the car behind us for their patience.

By the time we got back, Cheyenne was already out of bed. So much for our dream of her pleasantly waking up to flowers and coffee! After several games of ring-around-the-rosey, we finally found her. She was happy to see her real flowers, coffee, and food. We told her our Starbucks snafu, and in typical Cheyenne fashion, she loved the story.

Finally, we made it!

When it was finally time to get ready, we ran around like little makeup machines, sharing, trading, mixing, and producing top-notch makeup looks. I helped Cheyenne with her makeup and it made me very happy to contribute to her wedding look (like she needed much contribution…she’s just gorgeous!). It was no longer just playing dress-up, it was a real and exciting wedding!

She’s so cute!

When I tried to do my eye shadow, I failed completely! So, 30 minutes before we had to be ready for photos, I stripped my face bare and started over. Hannah played hero and did my eye makeup for me, and I have no idea where I’d be without her expert touch! And even Cheyenne, (the bride mind you) helped curl my hair, because we were running out of time. So while one sister did my face, the other did my hair. Did I luck out with the best sisters, or what?

After we helped Cheyenne into her beautiful wedding dress, we admired her and then sent her off to Micah, the childhood sweetheart, the best friend, the soon-to-be-husband.

Look how gorgeous she is & see how this man LOVES his wife!

When it was time for the bridal party to take photos, we of course shared many more jokes while I spilled water on my dress which quite confirmed that not much has changed since high school! We posed for wedding photos, thrilled that these high school sweethearts were committing to life together.

Growing up, Micah and his brother were our best friends. We have felt like family for a long time, so making it official is nothing short of magical.

We are family now.

And that makes all of us so very happy!

We all made it through the ceremony without crying, although there were a few close to tears. Watching Micah look at Cheyenne was a beautiful picture of love. There are many joys in life, but one of the greatest is to see my sisters love and be loved.

So after the long-awaited husband+wife kiss, we triumphantly walked down that aisle to our old junior high classroom.

And this is when we took a selfie in the place where we took tests, got demerits, practiced for plays, passed notes, got in trouble, laughed about life, procrastinated on homework…etc and so forth.

The motley high school/wedding party crew! (photo by a guest)

It was incredibly fun to make adulthood memories in an old childhood place. This was Micah and Cheyenne’s wedding, and we got to share in the beginning of two people who are no longer kids or students, but husband and wife. And we get to be a part of their story.

Just beautiful!

The reception was laid back with their fun little touches of cotton candy, decorative balloons, candy, pretzels, and a hay bale sofa for photos.

The weather was beautiful, and the bride and groom were having the time of their lives enjoying all the friends and family hanging about.We sent them off with bubbles and joy, and I couldn’t imagine a better brother to gain, or a better man to love my sister.

They are perfect for one another, and have already lived a lifetime side by side. But the beautiful truth of it is…..they are beginning again and a whole new adventure awaits. One with love, laughter, and the indescribable definition of marriage which is defined and discovered with each married day that passes.

Mr. & Mrs. Olson, your next adventure awaits!

And all of us are cheering you on.


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