Life Update | 10.16

The wonderful month of October went slower than September, but it still flew by! At Wolf Mountain Christian camp, October was our last busy month before the New Year. We had 4 Women’s retreats this month and so many good things happened in the process!


I am happy, however, to be in the slower days of this season. Ben and I may even get more house projects done. We seem to be making small improvements almost weekly. I’ve used the hammer 3x. But Ben only knows about one of those times.

Shhhhhh! It will be our secret…at least until he sees what I hung in the pantry (which I believe improves the space dramatically, although the nail holes are crooked! HA!).


I spent the month working Kiddy Korner, doing banquet dishes, drinking making coffee in the camp’s Stompin Grounds while,of course, checking things off my fall bucket list + coordinating our In Their Shoes series. So as you can tell, it has been a FULL month!

on my way to work in the pouring rain!

I am looking forward to November simply because it will be a slower month both in my workplace and on this blog. I have some personal reflections that I will share with you throughout this month, and I am excited about them!

This month included a very wet trip to Apple Hill, delicious fudge and Granny Smith apples.


I also baked my FIRST apple pie with a friend, drank apple cider, watched a lot of I Love Lucy, admired the pouring rain, threw a fall party on the 31st, became ill 2x, enjoyed Dunkin Donuts, devoured surprise sushi, and relished in the simple joy of living here at our new home.

SURPRISE sushi from my husband + big cheesy smiles!

This October has been lovely even in the midst of the full busy schedule. Ben and I are learning how to slow down and enjoy quiet, simple beauty.

We found ourselves watching the way the sun glistens on the trees when it sets. We found ourselves looking admiringly on the webs you could see between the trees and how there are green shoots of grass pushing up above all the dead grass of summer. There is new life even as the season is deep in Fall.


And it reminds me how God’s mercies are new every morning despite the dryness we may feel or the old, destructive mistakes we make so often. His grace abounds and His love pours forth even when we are experiencing a dead season or a long trial of waiting.


So, I suppose that I encourage you to shut off the internet, stop busying yourself with stuff…just so you can see these kinds of sweet hidden things of life. I know that Ben and I are enjoying this new purpose of slowing down and simply observing God’s beautiful earth!

Although I gave you our month of October in a fast-forward version, I hope you can tell how wonderful it has been. I’m looking forward to November and all the new & old things that I’ll be learning.

God is so faithful and the end of this year has began in the best possible way. I anticipate the end and all the days we will get to live before we see the promise of 2017.

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