Life Update! | 09.16

September has been a fabulous month! When I was younger, this month always took forever to pass. But as I get older, it gets faster! I can hardly believe that this month will be behind us soon. Here’s hoping that October (one of my favorite months) will go by more slowly! Pipe dreams, #amiright?!

I don’t think I took as many photos this month as usual, but the memories made were what I like to call middle memories. For the most part, there weren’t spectacular firework memories that made up this month. We were simply living every day the best we could and in the process there were wonderful middle memories made!

The month started out rather hectic as we got back into the swing of things and began what camp likes to call the “off-season” even though there is nothing off about it. It’s a busy time of year!

Ben and I had a few Saturdays before the weekend camps started coming in and we took advantage of these by sleeping in, getting house projects/cleaning done, and drinking Saturday morning coffee on our front porch. We  may or may not have solved all the world’s problems!


We celebrated Ben’s birthday with brownies & eclairs! I bought him a leatherman since he lost his before our move in the spring. I felt like wife of the year…he was so pleased!

We had quite the truck experience late September when our truck decided to continually die on us! After jumping the truck a few times, going to Autozone, and puttering our way to church (which is over an hour away!) we finally found the root of the problem. My fantastic husband got me Dunkin Donuts before I had to sit in the Autozone parking lot and wait for him to buy the truck a new alternator.

Our truck works fabulously (for now!), but we know we have a few major decisions coming our way in regards to our vehicle situation. We will be praying for wisdom as we discern what is best! I really like this truck, despite it’s quirks & failures!


I waited until a few days after the official first day of fall to decorate our home. I don’t have that many decorations, and I’m rather a minimalist when it comes to holiday decor, but it was fun to make our home fall-ish.

The start of a new season is also an excuse to buy new scented candles that match the holidays! I was so thrilled about this and purchased apple and pumpkin scented candles the day I decorated for fall!

img_0429Near the end of the month, camps started coming in more regularly, and so we adjusted to a new pace and are still learning how to fit into our responsibilities well. No matter what you may think, there is NO perfect place to live, but Ben and I are so thankful that the problems we get to work through happen here and around these people!

And we even managed to squeeze in a very impromptu date which happened to be one of our most favorite dates of ever! We are not impromptu people, we love our couch and we love our home, so this date was an adventure! I even put on lipstick for the occasion! Life with your best friend is awesome.


I’ve been getting into an exercise routine, drinking less cream and sugar in my coffee, as well as finishing up the Anne of Green Gables series that I started last fall. These may seem like little things in the grand scheme of September, but they have added to my month in a fun way.

So this September has been a great time of just living life! I look forward to October, not only because it is the start of holiday season and FALL weather…

But also because October brings with it the 31 day blog series on friendship that I have been working on these last 4 weeks. There is insight from many people and I have already benefited greatly from putting the series together!

Have  a fabulous end to September and I hope you’ll stick around this blog for October. It’s going to be full of experiences that you’ll want to read!

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