29 Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me

Over the month of February, I've used this blog's Facebook page (check it out!) to daily share one thing I've learned since I got married last May. There are still a few days left for you to join the series! Let me just say that the lesson I'm sharing today is one that I'm really,… Continue reading 29 Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me

Let Me Tell You How It Is

I wrote this a year ago just 2 days before getting engaged. Ben and I have always been simple dwellers and our engagement was nothing fancy. Truth be told, Ben was still weak from a terrible flu and I was still in my regular bouts of chronic pain when he asked me to marry him… Continue reading Let Me Tell You How It Is

Confessions of the Engaged (Insane?) Woman

Just 21 days until…ya know…the day. And I may be am going  delusional, but I gotta say there are some {more} things that I’m preeeeetttty sure need to be said about this whole “engagement process.” Ready? Bring your laughing hearts. I just need to get these out. The planning never ends...ever...ever. Because, oh my dear, we are getting… Continue reading Confessions of the Engaged (Insane?) Woman

5 Things Girls Should Know about Being Engaged

Here is my equivalent of a Valentines Day post. It's much more practical than the mushy post that you probably already saw on your News feed today. For now, it's just some practical & quite humorous thoughts on being engaged. 1. It's really not cutesy & magical. Yeah, I'm watching all of your dreams burn… Continue reading 5 Things Girls Should Know about Being Engaged