Marriage Chronicles

29 Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me

Over the month of February, I’ve used this blog’s Facebook page (check it out!) to daily share one thing I’ve learned since I got married last May. There are still a few days left for you to join the series! Let me just say that the lesson I’m sharing today is one that I’m really, really passionate about! So join our Facebook community to see it! πŸ˜‰


I decided to share the 29 lessons in two blog posts, because 29 is a big number of lessons to squeeze into one sitting.Β  Your eyes might get tired! So anyway,Β  here goes!

1. I’ve learned to keep track of the small love things…

Small acts of love make huge imprints, and yet they are the easiest moments to forget. Keep tabs on what matters. Not the stuff that frustrates, but all the times, countless times, love has been offered.

  • chocolate pie
  • red heart balloons (twice!)
  • tea
  • unexpected Dutch Bros
  • all the walks
  • and so much more.

2. Silence is good.

I don’t need to talk him out of his frustration or talk him up to a good mood. I just need to give him space to mentally work through the hard things. I need to stop talking.


3. STOP & think about our life.

It’s easy to forget everything. It all gets so routine that the good things get mushed into bland, ordinary moments. Take a minute, think back, gratitude restored, thanking God fully.

4. Loves needs a place.

We eat at our kitchen table 5 nights a week. Because we need to slow down together, nurture love by conversing, forgoing distractions, and focusing on our relationship. Continue reading “29 Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me”


Let Me Tell You How It Is

I wrote this a year ago just 2 days before getting engaged. Ben and I have always been simple dwellers and our engagement was nothing fancy. Truth be told, Ben was still weak from a terrible flu and I was still in my regular bouts of chronic pain when he asked me to marry him (I’ll post more about that later).

But on the 21st, before that big day that started all the busy days, I was inspired to write about our relationship in a raw way. Because relationships aren’t full of fancy surprises and big events. Their full of small moments, little choices, and yes, and occasional bout of wonder. I wanted to tell my friends how it really is in a relationship.Β 

Β  And then, I came to the end of the post with the realization that I couldn’t dictate what other relationships looked like. I couldn’t really tell anyone how it is—I could only really say that a relationship–imperfect, flawed, & wonderful—is worth living no matter the moments tossed your way.



Let me tell you how it is.

Honestly— Continue reading “Let Me Tell You How It Is”

Real Women

Leanne’s Story | Dating

Meet Leanne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Working at Panera bread. We closed together every day and just starting talking, then one day we went out to eat and bam!

2. What is one of the most difficult things about dating?

Communication and understanding. It takes time and patience to understand each other and learn how to respect each other through communication. I want him to understand and listen to me and be there for me, but I also cannot be selfish and not put in the same effort. This is how you fall in love. It’s about loving the other, respecting the other, knowing the other, and understanding, or trying to understand.


3. What kind of pictures and/or statuses bother you most when girls post about their relationships on social media? Continue reading “Leanne’s Story | Dating”

Real Women

Cheyenne’s Story | Dating

Meet Cheyenne!


1. How did you meet your man?

Micah and I met when his family moved to Ironwood in the 3rd grade. We grew up as childhood friends! ☺

What is the most difficult thing about dating?

Long Distance! It was both good for us, yet extremely difficult at times! Learning to understand one another and what they’re doing. It gets very frustrating to not go through life together and to do all your communication over the phone/skype/ or texting. Misunderstandings definitely come up! Girls think WAY different than guys, and the sooner you understand that and learn the ways of a guy.. the better! Haha Continue reading “Cheyenne’s Story | Dating”