Growing Pains

Garden Lullaby, September 22, 2018

The growing pains in life are worth it.

I love looking back and knowing that I am not the same Sierra I was last September.

I love knowing that the miracle of this heart change wasn’t up to me…it was and IS God working in me with His love and His knowledge of my best.

I love that the life growing up in my heart eventually spills out to porch gardens and celebrations and goats…of all things!

I love this life. I love the Giver who gave me this life. I love that He can do ANYTHING with nothing!

Let this season be whatever it is.

Growing pains are okay.

Struggling through the emotions in your heart and soul is not wrong.

In all these pains and struggles, just keep drawing near to God…no matter what. One day, you’ll look up and the outside season will match the inside season of your soul. And you’ll love life again and it will be the result of our Life-Giver making everything new out of all your tired nothing.

If God takes great care to change the seasons, He will take even greater care to change your heart into joy.

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