Sweet & Captivating Summertime

It’s taken years, but I’m learning to enjoy the season I’m least inclined to love–summertime! I’m learning to soak in the summer with all its fast-paced busyness. I’m learning to run with it. . . whatever the day brings. . .however my plans change.

And everything comes alive in the summertime.

My porch garden warms up in the spring and then demands my attention as summer comes bustling through the door. My workplace becomes full of opportunities to meet, fellowship, and minister to other people and I’m forced to get intentional. My life gets bombarded by the reality of my weaknesses and suddenly I’m looking long and hard into grace.

And I’m full of gratitude for God’s gift of it!

I love having fun with guy. Laughter really is our pastime!

The last time I wrote something new for my blog was June 3rd! I knew that this was a season for letting go of my blog. I would rather cultivate my life than force myself to fit into a blogging agenda that takes away from my life. I’m getting better at saying no and I’m living better because of it!

But here’s an update for you!

The kid goats are huge. Well, Little Mav is HUGE. He’s a month behind Chester and Roxy, but he’s the same size as they are! And Hattie and Margie remain the best first goats ever.

Roxanne is the spitting image of her father, Nigel! Such a treat!

A few days ago, Ben picked up Hattie and had her sitting on his lap. She loved it. I mean loved it! I think she enjoyed being treated like a kid goat again rather than a mama goat. It was adorable.

Little (BIG) Mav is standing in front of Chester. He’s a month behind, but just as big!

My porch garden is a delight! Tending to these flowers takes intentional time and care. Having this small garden keeps me accountable to enjoy and cultivate life.

I love seeing the leaves lit by the afternoon sun and watching the hummingbirds drop by for their daily dose of coffee (well, sugar water. . .same thing, right?!).

I filled my home with the June daisies. I was determined to enjoy them since they are the last hoorah of springtime. My bathroom vase, kitchen vase, and living room teapot vase were filled with them. They don’t last long, but they are worth every short, beautiful second!

I’m certain there will be wildflowers in heaven, and I won’t have rush around to enjoy them. Wildflowers will simply be there forever and ever! Until heaven,  I’m soaking in every delightful part of the seasons. When December rolls around, I’ll love knowing I took the time to enjoy the spring!

I officially shared my podcast, Joy Right Here, with you. WHAT FUN! I had planned to share it in May, but knew I needed to wait until June. I’ve fumbled right along, enjoyed it, been frustrated with it, have loved it, and am so excited to keep on going for it!

I love speaking and I love the Cottonwood Lane community so being invited into your home, your car, or your kitchen is such a treat for me! I can already see that this podcast will grow my skill as a writer and speaker. Growing pains aren’t always fun, but they are worth it! BRING IT ON!

I’ve got an official favorite iced coffee recipe to make at home. It’s super simple too! Espresso. Goat’s Milk. Sugar. It’s so good. I’m serious! We’ve begun routinely milking Margie (and will start with Hattie soon), and goat’s milk in coffee is delicious. We’re not buying milk for the foreseeable future, because we’ve got two hilarious goats for that!

Here’s the thing: I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving (and the whole holiday shebang). Pretty soon I’ll be over here pinning decor ideas for Thanksgiving (not kidding!).

The truth is I’ll go for simple, beautiful, and meaningful decor, but I’ll pin a thousand ideas just because I’m so excited about the holiday and inspiration never hurts! I love preparing for good things. There is discipline and magic to living fully in the present while also preparing for the good things of the future.

Let’s get down to the heart of this summer: I’ve been acutely aware of my need for the grace of God. It’s very easy to convince myself that I’m doing pretty great, in pretty good control, and able to do pretty well. I’ve been reminded that I’m pretty much NOT any of those things. I need God’s grace and I can receive His grace then move forward without guilt, shame, or a sense of failure.

I’ve spent so much time in Psalm 34 and have been asking myself a question that revolutionizes ordinary moments. The question is simply–

“How have I tasted (experienced) the goodness of God?”

I think this summer is the season for repeatedly asking myself that question. Proactively seeing the truth of God’s goodness WILL revolutionize my life.

How have I tasted (experienced) the goodness of God? Well, the list will go on forever (it’s in bright pink ink right now) and won’t be ending anytime soon.

This is life with God!

And He makes summer sweet and captivating, indeed.

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