Life Update | 11.16

Ummm….OK…this month literally just flew by. Every single week seemed to whiz past me until I looked at my calendar and saw that there were only THREE DAYS left of November.

The only slow days happened right before & during the election. And yes, I voted on just about everything on the ballot. NO, I don’t make a habit of discussing my political views on social media. But I do have them & I’m passionate about them.

Anyway, glad the political tirade on social media is mostly over. What isn’t over is all the holiday cheer everywhere! And THAT I am excited about that!

To update you on November—

The truck passed SMOG.

miracle of miracles! God answered YES to a big prayer of ours!
miracle of miracles! God answered YES to a big prayer of ours!

We got house projects done. Can you say BOOKSHELVES?! Ben built the most beautiful bookshelf for our bedroom. I love it.

The California grocery bag law passed. We forgot our CA-approved bags and decided that 10 cents was too much to spend on a plastic bag. I will be taking any & all donations (you can send the grocery bags to my home address).

taken in the rain for dramatic effect!
taken in the rain for dramatic effect!

It rained. And rained. AND RAINED!

We went on Thanksgiving break and did a lot of resting. Before spending Thanksgiving with friends & family, we had a pre-Thanksgiving feast of Dutch Bros!

our family Thanksgiving photo. 🙂

On Friday, we flew by Best Buy and Walmart, but we waited until the afternoon. We managed to find 3 deals! So, WIN-WIN. And we had Dutch Bros….AGAIN (2 days in a row!).

We put up our Christmas tree, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, and enjoyed that the Christmas season was finally about!

a photo summary of Thursday-Friday!

We also started a new tradition of finding all sorts of pine-cones and tree branches to bring into our home. Since we  have a fake Christmas tree, we wanted to bring the Christmas-y outdoors inside! Ben kept collecting more and more and more. I told him we were good, but he had a big armful by the time we made it inside. It was raining, so it was cold, wintery and a lot like a California Christmas.

a quick selfie of our Christmas adventure!

I can’t believe November is over & the Christmas season is in full swing. I love the holiday season and I don’t want it to end, so I’m hoping that December slows way down. Although, I’m not sure that will happen since family is coming to us, we are going to family, and holiday traditions are happening right & left!

I’m so excited for this season, and I am purposing to be 100% wherever I am. I’m going to enjoy the family, the love, and the celebration to the FULLEST that I know how. I’m going to take in the season and not wish it away or be regretful of it passing.

I’m going to be a 100% person in this 100% life!

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