Life at the Blue House

Sweet & Captivating Summertime

It’s taken years, but I’m learning to enjoy the season I’m least inclined to love–summertime! I’m learning to soak in the summer with all its fast-paced busyness. I’m learning to run with it. . . whatever the day brings. . .however my plans change.

And everything comes alive in the summertime.

My porch garden warms up in the spring and then demands my attention as summer comes bustling through the door. My workplace becomes full of opportunities to meet, fellowship, and minister to other people and I’m forced to get intentional. My life gets bombarded by the reality of my weaknesses and suddenly I’m looking long and hard into grace.

And I’m full of gratitude for God’s gift of it!

I love having fun with guy. Laughter really is our pastime!

The last time I wrote something new for my blog was June 3rd! I knew that this was a season for letting go of my blog. I would rather cultivate my life than force myself to fit into a blogging agenda that takes away from my life. I’m getting better at saying no and I’m living better because of it!

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Marriage Chronicles

Life Update | 02.16

February has been fantastic. We slid into a groove, as you often do after the month of January passes by. The sun has also been out much more lately, which makes this California girl very, very happy. I didn’t know how much I liked the sun, until it poured rain for days and days. SUN COME BACK! And it did. 🙂


We finally told our all our family & friends about our upcoming (MAY!) move to Wolf Mountain Christian camp. It’s much too hard & long to explain in a blog post what this place is all about. So just click HERE  and you’ll be able to read all about it!

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