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It’s the People Not the Production

06-FedorkoWedding-Reception-67In June, I wrote a post entitled “It’s Not about the Bride”, it’s still true. I received our official wedding photos this week and the photographer (also a friend) did a magnificent job, going above & beyond in her work! Even more so, I am very happy to see that there were so many pictures taken of the people.Β  Brides should get it out of their heads that they need to create, decorate, and produce a jaw-dropping wedding that will astound the books and be the most beautiful thing ever.

Have we forgotten the people? The ones who help, who watch, who care, who clean, who do, who pray—who love. People with their animated faces and comforting smiles that assure you of their care, who come to your wedding, even if the ceremony is windy or sunny or cold. People who laugh and take pictures, who eat the food, and clap, and cheer. People who hug you and congratulate you, who are genuinely excited for this next step in your life.


Have we grown so self-centered that a wedding day has to be about the bride?–her beauty–her decorating taste–her magnificent pictures? Surely not.

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