It’s an understood trajectory. High school. College. Marriage. Babies. Society’s idea of success. If you’re feeling stuck in life it’s probably because you’ve bought into the lie you need to do or become this, that, and the other for good things, for a full life.

But God is so much more creative than our cutouts, and we weren’t meant to thrive in our own expectations or in the expectations others have for us. God doesn’t need our boxes to make something beautiful, big, and full of His glory.

Short Stories

Rose Petals & Leaves

artistryI walk along the path. This place where everything reaches me. The past. The present. Glimpses of the future. It’s as though time has no existence. I am simply strolling through every memory, crying through every trial, holding every loved one, leaving them just the same. So I walk, led by rose petals. The rose petals that have grown from my heart, that have become actions, and fallen to make a path for me. The path winding in many different ways. So, I walk, remembering.

The wide desert closes in on me as I walk through the vastness, following my rose petals, and the actions that have grown from my heart. I find the gray rose petals littering my pathway. The time I ran from the truth of his past. Running, although forgiving. Too scared to slow down. Too overwhelmed to stop. The gray rose petals begin to disappear as I leave that time. I see red rose petals piling by a swing. I am no longer in the vast desert, but in a place where love had just begun to change me. To show me what forgiveness was, what friendship meant, what together could mean for two people. Red rose petals. Continue reading “Rose Petals & Leaves”