The Celebrating Soul

April | A Personal Journey through 2019

There are some new faces around here so I want to explain a bit about this year-long series. I decided this would be the year I taught + showed the value of writing life down. In 2016, I began intermittently writing a simple sentence on the calendar about my day. In 2017, it became more of a steady habit which would slowly develop into a lifeline for seeing good things. By 2020, it has become an important life rhythm. I’m honest about my tough days, but more often than not I’m consciously looking back on the day to find one lovely thing I want to remember and celebrate. Sometimes it’s as simple as the sound of leaves falling and other times it’s the miracle of a hoped-for & long-awaited pregnancy.

My favorite part of this life rhythm is reading through my calendar on New Year’s Day and recalling all the moments I’d forgotten, all the bits of life so important yet so easily buried beneath the noise, pain, and exhaustion.

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Life & Learning

Thoughts on Joy (inspired by a 5 year old)

Her exclamation made me smile. She was so happy and so exuberant that the only way this 5-year-old could express the feeling was to say “I’m shaking with joy!” But how many of us aren’t like her at all. We are just waiting around…just waiting and trudging…and hoping for some form of joy to hit us like a lightening bolt?

I’ve waited around plenty, and yet the entire last year of my life has taught me that you don’t wait for joy to come to you, you KNOW God and joy inevitably comes. You don’t feel joy, so much as you know Joy…because you know God. Continue reading “Thoughts on Joy (inspired by a 5 year old)”