Welcome to My Life at Camp

(insert cheesy grin here)

Here’s the deal, you and I have been doing lots of soul-searching lately. It’s been a series of reflections on hope and unburying the vibrant life of my heart. And in all this deep stuff,  I’ve been thinking that you guys haven’t really met me yet—at least not the fun-loving, regular ole Sierra that I happen to be. I haven’t really invited you to my work-place or the passion that I have for kids, or the awesome people that I work alongside.

So, today’s the day!

I’m taking this summer to introduce you to my life at Wolf Mountain. The photo above was taken in April…a few days before we became resident staff here! I officially want to connect my personal life to this blog, and so the FUN summer camp posts coming your way will be affectionately known as windows.


Because you can’t possibly explain the entirety of camp life on a measly little blog. I can open up windows, but not doors. And I can let you in, but you won’t be able to experience it fully until you come and visit. So….COME AND VISIT! But until then…..

Here is your very first window:

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