Beautiful Things in the Quiet

Spring is a marvel.

Over the last few years while living in the foothills I have watched spring burst, and I have slowly fallen for it. I realized about two springs ago I loved when the oak trees would burst into bright young green. It only lasts mere weeks (at most) and it’s taken me upward of 8 years to really see it happen. The green is barely a shadow, but then. . .

it’s there.

The color is so vibrant. When the sunlight hits it just right, it’s the perfect shade of green. I can’t adequately describe it and photos rarely capture its glory, but let’s call it Sunlit Oak Leaves in Blush of Spring. It is gorgeous. And it’s been gorgeous every single year whether I have seen it or missed it entirely.

buttercup – my favorite wildflower ☺

Astounding how many tiny, good things happen within this broken world that we never see, never find, never know about…

Some of these happen right under our nose (or above our head, heheeee☺), and some happen in places we can’t possibly ever discover, but they happen nonetheless! It is always worth it to become more aware of the beauty God creates and step more fully into each season–leaning into the joy and warmth of each one. But, of course, we are human. So very human! We can’t possibly know every good thing God does. We can’t see every wonderful thing He creates. We will miss more stunning sunsets than we will ever savor. We will only enjoy a tiny fraction of the wildflowers that lie like quilted blankets over the earth. How God tucks the hillsides in with joy and we watch them dance in the wind as though they’ve been set out to line dry (or is it them line-dancing?!).

So many beautiful things.

It is such a comfort to my soul that God orchestrates so many tiny, good, and lovely things I can’t possibly ever know about.

A God who does so many beautiful things in the “quiet,” the wilderness, the corners, the unseen, the cracks in the sidewalk assures me I can trust Him with my life and those of my children and husband.❤

funny how
I toil in and tend
to the garden,
spend a lifetime there
admiring every blooming

waiting, watching, so
such life over the brim,
and me just so

but just beyond the fence,
no toiling or tending
there, no waiting, or watching,
or anything.
but life—!
and over the brim, and me
never knowing
any of it…

wildflowers, wildflowers,

wildflowers by the

-S.V.F. (God Sees)

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