Hope Gives a Eulogy *Cover Reveal*!


In APRIL when you hop on Amazon to purchase Hope Gives a Eulogy, this is what you’ll see! So keep your eyes peeled (what a saying), because Hope Gives a Eulogy will be available for purchase very soon.

April starts tomorrow, folks!!

What a perfect month for this book’s debut. Easter is April 4. Infertility Awareness Week is April 18th-24th. (#NIAW). And Mother’s Day in May is not long after. Springtime for the brokenhearted & grieving can be such a painful reminder of all that is not.

But I believe spring comes.

I believe infertility can be the story without being the story.

I believe it can be spring in your soul when pain is your life.

I believe God can do anything.

I believe Hope Gives a Eulogy will be the words so many women are living and desperately needing to read. I’m waiting with you.

HERE WE GO! And here we stay, full of life, anyway.❤

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