Childless and Blessed

I was real honest with my friend about that verse in the Bible. . .

You know, the one about children being a blessing/gift/heritage. I didn’t like it. Felt like getting slapped in the face. Honestly, it did.

What happens when the children don’t or never come? Why must so many women tote around motherhood like some special brand of blessing? Like they Got In. Ultimate. Pedestal. The Thing.

But not all women get the story where the baby just comes next.


less blessed?

These are real points of wrestling for many childless woman.

I’ve intentionally used blessing/blessed in a few poems in Hope Gives a Eulogy (one of them titled Headstone & a favorite of mine). Still, I cringe at the way we so often use blessing/blessed, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep those words in HGaE, but I think it’s important because a childless woman can be very blessed by God.

Because children aren’t the only great, miraculous, life-giving gift women can receive from God.

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