My Fall Collection of Poetry Is Coming to You!

On October 5th, I launched my very first fall collection of poetry over on my Instagram @sierravfedorkopoetry! How lovely to share Ourselves and the Leaves with others.

Ourselves and the Leaves gives Fall 2020 a place to just be. Every poem is an integral part of the story I hope to tell. The order is paramount as the beauty, grief, grit, and hope weaves through.

I thought I would only be sharing a few poems on my blog, and then direct you to my Instagram for the rest, but I want to share all of them here with you. In a year that’s been so different and so hard, I believe Ourselves and the Leaves is a message we all need and one that will help us embrace the end of 2020 in a gentle, resilient, and celebratory way.

So let me make it easy for you and share the entire fall collection right here on the blog. We will start this Monday!

It will soon be a happy fall, indeed.

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