When God Says Remember

Sierra, do you remember when you were four and I forgave you of your sins and saved you from life without Me?

What life you’ve known since then!

Sierra, do you remember when you were older and you’d lie awake at night, overcome and overwhelmed with doubt like you’d never known? Remember how you learned to be filled with gratitude instead of crippling doubt?

I rescued you.

Sierra, do you remember when you were 15 and you were scared of the pain and terrified that you’d die before you made it to adulthood? Remember how you shelved your dreams and you refused to do anything but sink? Remember how I showed you that life wasn’t over, that you had life now, that I gave you life today?

I helped you live.

Sierra, do you remember how tormented your mind became? Remember how you drowned in the dark and lived a kind of insanity, because the lies were all so real? Remember how my truth set you free? And set you free again and again and again! And today, you don’t live in depression or any deep kind of fear…

because of Me.

Sierra, do you remember how crippled you felt at 16? How the pain ravaged your body and tore at the edges of your mind? Remember how you shuddered and convulsed and cried? Remember how I gave you strength? How I gave that pain a purpose? How I brought you nearer Me? How I comforted you in the dark?

You still have purpose now.

Sierra, do you remember how I protected you from him? Remember how your heart broke and how you realized so much later that I actually kept it whole? Remember how I had the best for you?

I still do.

Sierra, do you remember how weary, pain-ridden you felt at 17? How even though you were seeking me, you felt like you were sinking too? Remember how you got sick over and over again? And how you pursued treatments that just made you feel worse? Remember how I upheld you? And comforted you again! Remember how I was with you?

I still am.

Sierra, do you remember how I let you meet and marry a man who doesn’t let you sink? He comforts you and holds you, then urges you to rise again and go on fully living. Do you remember how beautifully out-of-the-blue that love felt to you? I planned that just for you.

I still have good plans too.

Sierra, do you remember how you cried when surgery was denied? And still, do you remember that song that comforted your soul? I knew what I was doing when it played. Do you remember how hard it was to stand, how weary you often felt? But remember 8 months later when I made that surgery happen in the miracle of 24 hours? Remember how you healed in body and got out of bed, healing in mind, and thought…“it’s time to move on from this valley.” Remember my grace then?

It is still your grace now.

Sierra, do you remember all the months of physical and emotional healing that followed after marriage? How the intimacy of marriage became the healing agent for all types of wounds?

That is My design.

Sierra, do you remember? Oh, do you remember!

And Sierra, don’t you know that one day soon, not far from now, this season will be one you look back on and remember too?

Goodness and mercy follows…

And I am still with you.

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