The Song of the Weary

The song of the weary? There are no songs here. I can feel that your desperate cries are loud. I can see a heart that constricts in pain and turns far from the thought of hope. I can hear all that you do not say, for I have refrained from speaking too. The song of the weary? It just can’t be done…there’s nothing to be sung.

I have thought the same.

But the beauty in this raging war is that nothing is made into something and song-less shadows make way for the hope-shadow of His wings. Not all shadows are bad, and nothings don’t have to be hopeless.

The song of the weary is beautiful.

It sounds like morning prayers in the shower, and mid-morning cries for help. It is the pouring out of a heart before God. It is the honesty that comes when sharing the struggle with a friend. It is the humility of falling into grace over and over again. It is the darkness that reminds you that there is the beautiful opposite named Hope. 

The song of the weary is beautiful.

It is the monotony of falling, but the faithfulness of rising back up again. It is the kind of dependence on God that wipes out any human-heart need for independence. It is sung in the knowledge that nearness to God is the best good life will ever offer.

The song of the weary is beautiful.

It is fighting for the truth every two seconds. It is learning to sorrow with hope. It is finding how the heart must pray despite every kind of feeling that presses down. It is throwing every hard thing upon the arms of God, and knowing this song is still worth singing.

The song of the weary is beautiful.

But sometimes it feels like defeat. And screams of FAILURE, FAILURE suffocate the ears. So this continuous warfare begins to feel like inadequacy, and the weary-hearted fall.

Here I find you on your knees, hunched over. It is like looking in a mirror. You and I are so much the same. I offer words to your broken heart knowing full well that you ache, but I cannot let you go without saying that—

Sometimes, fighting defeat feels like defeat. Sometimes, screams of failure are actually anthems of God’s grace to His children. This continuous warfare makes weak hearts brave, not inadequate. You are broken and tired, but you are already singing the song of the weary. And it is beautiful.

God is working heart miracles as He makes us more like Him. Beautiful is never in one moment of arriving, it is the thousands of small moments in which the war was waged in the armor of God’s truth, and the life was faithfully surrendered to Him.

The song of the weary is beautiful.

Because our strength just keeps running out…over & over again. And we keep having to return to the only One who can make these destitute hearts rich in His promises. The song of the weary is beautiful simply because we are reminded in almost every moment that God is our only Hope, our sufficient Answer to all our questions, our only Way to fight this war.

So, listen to the sound again.

It’s not defeat,

it’s not failure,

and it’s not inadequacy.

It’s the song of the weary, the song of the broken, the song that keeps leading us back to God….over and over again.

And it is a beautiful sound!



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