Life at the Blue House

Have you even driven home from church with a billy goat in the backseat of your car? Or constructed a temporary goat pen in the very same clothes you wore for Sunday worship? Because me and my husband sure did. Have you ever built a goat pen wearing headlamps because it’s dark outside and you gotta get it done…like right now? Yup, that happened too. Did your dog get bit by a rattlesnake while you were busy taking pictures of your favorite backyard buttercups? (don’t worry, he’s totally fine now!).

Have you started the coffee maker without the filter and watched all the coffee pour out in a big sludgy mess? Have you dented the truck, because you got stuck in the mud? Or slashed the back tire because you couldn’t make a turn the right way? Both times my fault. Did you keep your Christmas wreath on your door for a year and a half? My bad!

Do you ever feel proud of yourself for using like four home-grown green onions and two tomatoes in a dinner dish? I’m still proud of it, okay?! Do you celebrate birthdays and half-birthdays and have a Birthday Observation Day on March 18th, because March is just too boring for words?! We sure do. And that’s basically life at the blue house!

So here’s a little space to record all the silly things, the life stuff I don’t want to forget, and the love story my husband and I are slowly building. If you couldn’t tell, it’s quite the adventure! And the longer we are married, the more I think we are making laughter into the 6th love language.

Oh and see that young, growing raspberry bush in the *very blue photo above? A bear got to that, or maybe it was the deer? But either way, there was a bear getting into our trash recently and Ben told the dog to go inside so he could be safe, and called me outside so I could see the bear. Hmm…

Well, anyhow, never a dull moment at the blue house!