All the Days before Father's Day


Dad, I’m thankful for the before days.

Father’s Day holds great meaning, not because the day is great, but because of all the days you made great before it.

You have loved us fully, and you have worked so diligently.

You took the time to teach us while we sat down for dinner.

You planned creative birthdays and entertained us with magic tricks.

You taught us to speak out, but live kind.


And more than all this, you’ve consistently said yes to God and not yourself.

All these things are not lost on me, and Father’s Day has so much meaning, because

You’ve spent all the before days loving us deeply.

And our God, the Father we share together, has given us so much!I thank our Heavenly Father for choosing you to be my Dad.He is the One who has granted all the before days. Our lives are rich with them!

Fathers Day

So, here I am it’s Father’s Day. I’m confident these 24 hours aren’t magical. Rather the before days in which you’ve loved us purposefully will make this Father’s Day special.Our God is good and another year has come in which I get to tell you–

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you for loving us in the before, the during, and the after.

Love, Your (favorite) Second Daughter

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