Inspired by My Son

Today, I celebrate motherhood with a short poem inspired by my son. It will be well into summer before he’s earth-side, but I’ve already begun to treasure each day he’s loudly in my life! And this kid is loud. Be it morning sickness or happy kicks. 🙂

I love sharing big stories with as few lines as possible, so here’s five lines about how I found out I was pregnant with our summer baby. I hope this poem brings up some happy memories for you.

Happy Mother’s Day.




On Motherhood & Miscarriage

Last Sunday was Bereaved Mother’s Day. It’s not a fun day, but it is an important one. With this poem, I want to honor the mothers who have or are experiencing the worst kind of pain to be found in motherhood.

If you have endured the ache and grief of miscarriage, I would love to know the name of your baby.  Share with me in the comments if you feel able to. I sincerely hope these words give voice to the pain you have experienced. You matter.  Your baby matters. You both are seen.


Words for Women

You CAN Celebrate (even if you don’t feel like it at all)

It’s no secret that I love this time of year. It’s always so full of energy. There are new beginnings and hard-earned endings. People celebrate all through May, and it feels like the Christmas season of the spring. I always love a good holiday, but all this happy celebration (just like Christmastime) can punctuate the sadness and struggles you may be facing.

I know that a constant barrage of achievements and college degrees might make you wonder where you really stand. I know that watching wedding after wedding can be emotionally exhausting. I know that one more engagement might tip your heart over the edge. I know that Mother’s Day can be full of grief for whatever reason…missing your own mother, infertility, postpartum depression, miscarriage, not “measuring up” as a mother, etc & so forth.

And you might be asking all sorts of questions,

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