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Fighting for Worth

fighting worthI think we all fight for it. Perhaps, it’s the war against ourselves. Or simply the need to succeed. We fight to be worth it. We fight to be worth something. And we fight hard for it. The pressure to be the best at something overtakes us. We stay up late, get up early, pin inspiration, post motivational articles, write to-do lists, endlessly search for that one thing that we can do effortlessly, and willingly spend our time to become that better part of us.

But I think one of the greatest lessons that I ever learned from my best friend is simply to walk with God day by day. We get so caught up doing this or that. We have to better our appearance. We have to say just the right things. Exercise just the right way. Write something that will relate to everyone. We just have to be awesome all the time. And it’s not like we are trying to do our best for God either. We are just trying to do our best for us. Because we want to be worth something. We want to walk into a room and be worth it. Continue reading “Fighting for Worth”