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A Cup of Chai Tea with This Busy Life, Please

I just wanted to share with you some of the happenings in my life. I so often share thoughts and short stories that I neglect to show you the personal side of my life. It’s been a full and busy month of September and October has just seemed to be even busier. Is that possible?!

I began my teacher/assistant/secretary/throw me anywhere job near the beginning of September. The whiteout abounds, and the class preparation becomes easier and harder at the same time.

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I went to a Teacher’s convention at the beginning of October and my, what a wonderful experience that was! However, I did happen to lose the hotel room card in the beach sand, though I later found it….phew! I also realized that beach sunsets are far less enjoyable when Ben isn’t with me. They are still beautiful, but just not as enjoyable. I settled for a simple phone call instead. Continue reading “A Cup of Chai Tea with This Busy Life, Please”

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A Should-Be-Easy Job & Those Four Kids

I walk into work every day and it’s like a minefield of mistakes waiting to blow up in my face. The question is where……when….and how bad will this mistake be?! I am discovering that whiteout doesn’t fix all my problems and wishing that the little plastic bottle would just come to my aid and magically abra-cadabra my mistakes away. But then, I wouldn’t really want that…because even I have to laugh at myself! Last week, I graded papers wrong, and locked my keys in the classroom.

This week…

This week…

Wait for it…

This week…I found myself at a printer. A wonderful, should-be-easy printer…HA. I am punching keys over and over again and totally missing the one or maybe two things that I need to press in order to print one copy of each Spelling test IV. Beep. Wrong. Beep. Wrong. Beep. WRONG AGAIN. I’m so looking forward to the moment that I can check this little should-be-easy job off my school checklist. Beep. Beep. Beep. Definitely not that button.  Continue reading “A Should-Be-Easy Job & Those Four Kids”

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whiteoutI have become a proud user of Whiteout in the last week. It seems that my mistakes get funnier and funnier as the week comes to a close. If messing up everyone’s grades wasn’t enough, I also locked my keys in the classroom effectively stamping my day with a reason to laugh. My real life Romeo (aka Ben) came to my rescue and climbed through the classroom window to retrieve the keys for me.

During this week, I filled myself with Bigelow mint tea and Dunkin Donuts coffee, both of which helped me successfully move through the first hours of the morning. I normally don’t drink this much coffee, and I really shouldn’t since I also cut myself trying to open the box of creamers. Yup. A nice deep cut right on my thumb from my persistence to open a box of creamer that was, in fact, very important! Continue reading “Whiteout”