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5 Reasons She’s Still Posting about Her Wedding

It’s a really good question. I used to be bothered by it. I used to think, “We get it! You had a beautiful wedding! Post something else now.” I’ve always struggled with having grace for others. I think a lot of people do.

But then, I became a bride, and then I wasn’t a bride anymore.

And I totally understood.

So, WHY?!


1. She finally sees the fruit of all her labor.

The big picture doesn’t come into full focus, until the wedding day. And the bride doesn’t really experience everything because she’s in this massive white dress that may or may not be high maintenance to wear, a lot of attention is on her, and by this point she’s just trying to get married to her husband, and it’s just so big to take in.

But then all her wedding photos finally come in and she can experience the wedding. Everyone does so differently, but posting favorite wedding photos is an easy way to experience what you’ve spent months preparing for. Continue reading “5 Reasons She’s Still Posting about Her Wedding”