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Let Girls Dream

their fullness for life poured these words over me~



Let them dream, those little girls. Don’t throw your unmet expectations like rocks at their feet. Let them dream, those little girls. Don’t mock and scoff and say just you wait.

Let them have that thirst for life. Nurture hope and girlhood wondering. Listen without the tangled mass of reality wrapped around your ears. Let them have young, excited hearts. Hold their secrets tenderly and let that fresh perspective wash over you.

Let girls dream.

Please, let them dream.

But as they dream, so you must live. Continue reading “Let Girls Dream”

Life & Learning

Letter to Me

I won’t try to hide it. I’ve been a little discouraged, a little tired of persevering with my blog, my writing, my Facebook page, and Twitter. Sometimes, it gets pretty hard to keep on going, to keep on shooting at the goal, and taking that one step forward. I know it’s worth it, but it’s tiring. But today, I came across this letter that I wrote to myself and I found it rather fitting for my weary heart.



Dear Sierra,

Life is a run. It really is. You aren’t racing anyone and they aren’t racing you. But sometimes, you need to slow down. You need to sit on the sidelines. You need to let your body rest. Sometimes, you need to wait for your friend that’s running behind you. Some days, you need to link arms with several runners just to let them know that you understand. That all of you are in this life together.

Some days you will even want to give up. You will want to pack up and leave. The urge to throw your running shoes in the air overwhelms you. You may even yell at others to give up too. But don’t. You only get to run this track once. Take it slow, but take it right. When you are sweating pain, and the consistent ache in your body pulls you down–you can stop running. But don’t stop living.

When that person purposefully trips you, don’t trip them back. When you find yourself on the ground, take a pause–but don’t linger. Just calmly get back up and keep running. And, when you pass that person again, offer a word of encouragement. They need it, just like you do. Continue reading “Letter to Me”

Marriage Chronicles

29 Marriage Lessons | Part 2

You wont’ believe how long I sat here trying to think of a way to title this post! We already had the title 29 Lessons Marriage Has Taught Me, so I couldn’t very well use the same title 2x! Right? RIGHT.

Anyway, you came here for the second half of my marriage lessons and here I am rambling about titles! This second half of the series is even more dear to my heart than the first. The following lessons were some of the longest (and best) for me to learn. If you missed Part 1, just click HERE to catch up. 🙂

So without further ado, let’s begin!


16. I need to be a good steward of the joy God has given me.

It’s easy ask God “WHY?!” even in the good times. Why do I get this when my friend has to struggle so hard? Why am I enjoying such a comfortable time when my friend is dealing with that physical pain? Why am I married but they aren’t? Sometimes, these questions result in feeling bad about my current life stage, therefore not embracing it to the full capacity that God would wish for me.

Instead of asking why, I should be asking God, “How can I specifically help my friend? How can I enjoy this time of life while still uplifting her in the trial she is facing? How can I live this marriage for You, enjoying it, embracing it, and learning from it? Not why, but how! How can I be a good steward of the joy God has given me? Continue reading “29 Marriage Lessons | Part 2”

Short Stories



She wraps her arms tight about herself. Her friends would tell her that since she could do that then she must be anorexic. She must have a food disorder of  some kind.

And don’t you know that men like curves?

She wraps her arms around herself and the voices she thought she was ignoring come crashing in faster, harder, sharper.

There are no excuses for a skinny girl.

If you are skinny, you are anorexic.

If you are skinny, you should gain weight.

If you are skinny, you immediately offend.

If you are skinny, you should know that men like curves and whatever you’ve got going on there is not enough.

She wraps her arms around herself, and her tears fall unbidden. She knows this shame isn’t real. How could it be? She knows that she was fashioned, made, designed by her Creator.

But sometimes,

sometimes….the words still hurt. She still gave them power.

She wraps her arms around herself and the voices drain. Swirling, spiraling, emptying from her….yet filling the void. She walks through the streets and her head is down. Continue reading “S K I N N Y”