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A “Like” Is Not an Inch

Let me explain,


Getting a certain number of “likes” on statuses, photos, or blog posts is not an accurate measuring stick. One like is not one inch. Getting 12 “likes” is not a foot and 36 “likes” is not a yardstick. In other words, the number of “likes” you receive on any sort of social media should not be the way you measure your worth, your memories, or your life.

It’s funny to me that Instagram and Facebook like to label your ‪#‎bestnineof2015‬ or your most “liked” photos. What is that about?! I prefer to keep my best, most wonderful memories to myself.

It’s not always bad to check out those fun, social things, but please, please remember that the amount of “likes” received is useless information and says nothing about the moment itself or the life you’re living.

In short—

Likes don’t mean Life.

I posted the above photo on Instagram the other day and according to Instagram, it was a pretty dull moment. According to me? It was one of the happiest moments of 2015! My husband was taking pictures and making me laugh while we were standing where he had proposed to me a year ago.

a “like” is not an inch.

So, just remember that your memories and life events aren’t measured by what social media tells you. And if that’s your measuring stick, take a break from social media and just enjoy the sweet beauty of making memories without an audience.