Sunshine Secrets

an ode to sisterhood |for the sisters who are enduring all this change| I love you


You can’t explain the bond between.

Three sisters tied in love.

Laughter that you’ll never know.

Has spent it’s time with them.

The time we dressed our dolls for tea.

Or rolled around in mud.

Or dug a ditch in our bare feet.

Or walked around in “heels”.

That squash we made are poor “kids” eat.

Potty-training dolls.

Sticker charts and Double Duty.

Teaching “students” how to read.

That night we all broke down.

I cherish every tear.

We then resolved with girlish pride.

To never repeat again.

The time we thought we fell in love.

But then they let us down.

We always had each other.

To keep us from the ground.

Those talks we had really late.

And all the silly jokes.

We’d fantasize the future.

Marriage, business, holidays.

And now we don’t just dream.

The Future’s knocking at our door.

Little girls are stepping out.

Into time we will explore.

And here we are hand in hand.

Distance tries to override.

But it will never overcome.

And we will only understand.

Our bond, our love, our sisterhood.



I don’t know you very much.

But the few times are enough.

To know that there is more inside.

Then all you show outside.

I know that you will make us laugh.

And a smile you always have.

But I know that when you are alone.

There are fears that run unknown.

And though you never tell me.

Don’t pretend that I can’t see.

That your heart is so much deeper.