The Celebrating Soul

It’s Not about My Messy Life

The trend—-

It’s about you.

But it’s not about you. So lay your messy life out. Show others what kind of imperfection you own. In the name of being selfless, promote the REAL you. In the name of trendy social media, be un-trendy. Post the makeup-less selfie. Go against the wave of perfection. By making others feel more comfortable about their lives, market your own mess. Be your own person. Make it about you, because it’s not about you.


The trend—-

It’s edited. It’s a highlight reel. Don’t feel bad about your life. Remember everyone else is fake. Everyone doesn’t have perfect memories, relationships, families, marriages, lives. Everyone is hiding behind social media. Talk about this fact while still on social media. Continue reading “It’s Not about My Messy Life”