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EDITION 2: The Four Outsmart the Gate

The Gang was last spotted walking down the stairs of the back porch. They seemed to be ecstatic about leaving the (seemingly) stuffy house on a mountain. Since that shocking time, they have been found traveling (though quite slow) through the backyard of the stuffy house. Our expert investigators snapped a few pictures, overheard lively conversation, and now have much to report for The Sierra Price Times.

The Gang moved rather swiftly through the backyard, attempting to avoid any and all distractions. They hoped to avoid anything that would make them want to turn around.


Lynn and Deanna are the most vocal of the group and were heard prodding the other two along with cheers and chants. Grant followed closely behind, and though the girls seem to think it is because he is scared, he knows the truth. Continue reading “EDITION 2: The Four Outsmart the Gate”

The Sierra Price Times

The Great Escape



Once upon a time…..I personally despise when stories start like this, but since this is a newspaper, I have to start it off the way they want me to. So—

Once upon a time, there lived many little People. They lived in a house on a mountain. They weren’t quite sure what the name of the house was, because they were far too small to read any signs, and their mouths were so tiny that they could barely even talk. In fact, their expressions were FROZEN onto their faces forever. So, they have to communicate in strange ways.

These little People were very tired of this house on a mountain. They wanted to find adventure. They had only ever heard of the word Adventure. They weren’t quite sure what it was, so they wanted to find out for themselves. Continue reading “The Great Escape”