The Sierra Price Times

Return to the Sierra Price Times!

To be frank, my ability to write children adventure stories is lacking, so 2 years ago, I embarked on an Adventure entitled The Sierra Price Times that forced me to develop my skill as a children’s writer. It is nowhere near my strong suit, so this month of January I’m jumping back in it and sharing with you what I wrote two years ago, as well as working toward another personal goal that won’t be shared on this blog.

I am excited to share The Sierra Price Times (a children’s newspaper) with you, because it was my first real jump into a kid’s adventure and I wove personal experience through it while also creatively adding some personal photography to the project.


You can expect an edition every Monday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks. And that will get us through January, which in my experience, is one of the drabbest months to get through! Such a shame since it’s my birthday month! HA.

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