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Return to the Sierra Price Times!

To be frank, my ability to write children adventure stories is lacking, so 2 years ago, I embarked on an Adventure entitled The Sierra Price Times that forced me to develop my skill as a children’s writer. It is nowhere near my strong suit, so this month of January I’m jumping back in it and sharing with you what I wrote two years ago, as well as working toward another personal goal that won’t be shared on this blog.

I am excited to share The Sierra Price Times (a children’s newspaper) with you, because it was my first real jump into a kid’s adventure and I wove personal experience through it while also creatively adding some personal photography to the project.


You can expect an edition every Monday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks. And that will get us through January, which in my experience, is one of the drabbest months to get through! Such a shame since it’s my birthday month! HA.

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Life & Learning

An Open Letter to “Good” Kids

Dear “Good” Kid,

I write to you, because I know you. I have stood exactly where you stand. I have also felt cornered, hemmed in, watched, spied on, burnt out, angry, frustrated, sad, and lonely. I write to you from the corner of my room, and I only have a couple of sheets to write this letter, since I know that you are not one that likes advice.

You grew up as a good kid.  You are the “good” one. You go to camp as the “good” one. You go to church as the “good” one. You answer every question exactly as you should. You bring your Bible to church. You make sure to scribble notes during the sermon, because if you don’t, someone might just guilt trip you. Because usually, there is that one adult that gets upset if you happen to miss taking notes one Sunday.


You are meticulously picked apart, save for the one area of your heart that needs changing. You learn to cover it up, and play it smooth. You hide that darkness, and you paint image over it. You walk around with secrets because everyone thinks you are a good kid.

You know you aren’t.

Some of you even want help, but maybe it’s pride or just honest confusion that keeps you from telling the part of you that is scarred and dying. Continue reading “An Open Letter to “Good” Kids”