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whiteoutI have become a proud user of Whiteout in the last week. It seems that my mistakes get funnier and funnier as the week comes to a close. If messing up everyone’s grades wasn’t enough, I also locked my keys in the classroom effectively stamping my day with a reason to laugh. My real life Romeo (aka Ben) came to my rescue and climbed through the classroom window to retrieve the keys for me.

During this week, I filled myself with Bigelow mint tea and Dunkin Donuts coffee, both of which helped me successfully move through the first hours of the morning. I normally don’t drink this much coffee, and I really shouldn’t since I also cut myself trying to open the box of creamers. Yup. A nice deep cut right on my thumb from my persistence to open a box of creamer that was, in fact, very important! Continue reading “Whiteout”