Tips to Overcome Image Insecurity

I have written on this topic before, because so many girls struggle with the whole concept of beauty. Often Christian bloggers and women attempt to make a girl feel good about herself. They try to satisfy her by saying that she IS beautiful. She IS perfect just the way she is.


I’m tired of that. It doesn’t help girls. It gives them temporary satisfaction and honestly it may not even do that. Girls need practical advice on how to move past insecurity, so I have just a simple 5 today. There are more I am sure, but let’s just start with these 5 practical ways.


Realize that it’s not about you!

DUN! DUN! DUN! It’s not about you. *insert dramatic music here*. Seriously, it’s not about you. So stop making it all about you and how you feel with the way you look. In no way is it wrong to desire to look nice and presentable, but obsessing over it? That’s selfish.

You weren’t made to look this way for your pleasure and satisfaction. You are a vessel for Christ. Sculpted for Him. Made for Him. You were not fearfully and wonderfully made for you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made for Christ! Remember that every day. Think about it every morning. Replace the “I am not beautiful and it makes me insecure” for the “I am made for God. I am made to glorify Him and He will never let me go. I am secure in Him.” Read more