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5 Signs You’re a Newlywed

I usually stay away from the list posts that are everywhere, but I’ve noticed some funny things that happen when you are a newlywed. So I wanted to share! I’m thankful to have met a couple girls that were married around the same time I was married. I’m even more thankful that we can relate to each other in so many of these things. It’s awesome. Single women need friendship and support, but married women need that too!

But anyway, here are 5 things that are pretty much blaring signals that you are a newlywed.

Just laugh, anyway.


1. You save extra fast food napkins for later use.

Look, you save money where you can. You keep all the extra napkins. I know what you’re thinking. Just stop going to fast food places, you can save money that way. Hey, we don’t go all the time, OK?! But when we do go, we just hope the kind worker puts a few extra napkins in the bag so we can make use of them later. And when it happens, we save them!

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