Being a Woman | Being a Wife


The truth is…

I love being a wife. I’m glad that I get to be the woman who makes his lunch for work every day. I love doing our laundry and hanging our clothes out on the line. I love making us dinner. I love vacuuming our house and cleaning our toilet. I love being the woman who cheers on his dreams.

I love watching him succeed. I love making our bed in the morning.I love being at home as I work toward my life goals. I love routinely heating up the water for tea or cappuccino, whichever one he fancies that day. I love seeing him off to work. And I love sweeping the floor and cob webbing the whole house, keeping track of the receipts and the money we spend.

I love taking out the trash multiple times a week and dusting the rooms and cleaning the windows. I wouldn’t say I love washing the dishes, but I do enjoy keeping them clean. I love making a grocery list, and I love asking my husband for help when I need it. I love keeping his water bottle cold and full. I even enjoy cleaning up the dog messes.

I’m content being a woman. I’m happy being a wife. And you know, a woman isn’t limited to the things above, she can do many things. But never let the media lie to you and say that being a wife and a homemaker is a drudgery. Because it’s not. Don’t let the media convince you that because you have a husband then you are shackled to a life of woe. Don’t make him do his own laundry and make his own sandwich just to make a point. Continue reading “Being a Woman | Being a Wife”