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My Depth, Yours

What I find most incredible about people is their depth. Raw. Real. Personal. Their hearts a mixture of tears and laughter, pain and hope. Secrets that only they know, regrets that only they feel, the fears that only they have. I am intrigued by the depth of people. I have often been overwhelmed because I could not unearth it all. I knew the depth of my own life and longed to know about others. I didn’t want to know, just to know. I wanted to know so I could help them, so I could truly care for them. I wonder about people. I think about their hearts, their souls. Their depth. I wonder about their depth because I know of my own.

Crushed in my empty dream. Collapsed in my body weak. Believed in lies that I had seen. Lost in life so shadowed, bleak.” Continue reading “My Depth, Yours”