EDITION 6: Sir White Beard’s Plan

Several nights have passed since the Grant volunteered in Lynn's place. What a gentleman he is and how curious that a gentleman can be tough as nails when called to be. That's the mark of a gentlemen, the ability to discern when to be tough and when to be gentle. As the Gang (except for… Continue reading EDITION 6: Sir White Beard’s Plan

EDITION 5: The Gang Gets Caught

It's a sunny day in the world of little People, though the sunny brightness stops there. The myriad good feelings that were felt and sported by all 4 little people have vanished as the travel continues to weigh heavily on their minds and well...their one plastic foot. Early this morning, all 4 were found bickering… Continue reading EDITION 5: The Gang Gets Caught

EDITION 4: The Gang Rescues a Peacock

The morning after the Gang found shelter, they continued their travels. With plastic bodies, they have to work twice as hard as a "regular" human. Statistics state that although little People have the potential to live longer, they don't usually live as well. Many limitations are set upon them and as our investigators have found,… Continue reading EDITION 4: The Gang Rescues a Peacock

EDITION 3: The Gang Finds Shelter

The Sierra Price Times apologizes in advance for the blurry quality of the following photos. It isn't easy being little People in the vast unknown. Nighttime proves to be the hardest for the weary travelers. As a result, the investigators took low quality pictures, but Lady Grey insists on knowing their whereabouts even if the… Continue reading EDITION 3: The Gang Finds Shelter