No Frowns at the Stompin' Grounds!

Hello there, folks! I’m about to make your day better, because we are going to the Stompin’ Grounds! You’ve tagged along for my morning, but now it’s time for all the other things. And today, it’s all about coffee things (side-note: Audrey, I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. It is certainly not up to snuff!).

Here’s a secret about camp life…..*there is no lasting comfort zone. You get thrown or throw yourself into a myriad of skills, some that you thrive in and others that you fail in. If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I HATE unpredictability and I LOVE to stay in my neat little box while I do the same thing day in and day out….forever until I die. However, camp life demands me to leave my comfort zone all the time!

And it’s so good for me!

After many years of practice, I can successfully make a mean coffee beverage both at work and at home. And while I’ve mastered the coffee part of the job, I have not conquered the money side of things! I still don’t understand how to close out the register at the end of a shift (all who know me are free to roll their eyes and shake their heads).ย 

In fact, I’ve asked to re-learn how to do it before my next shift. Now, guys, this may sound crazy, but asking to learn new things is a big step for me, because I ย am often tempted to write myself off and say, “Well, I’ve never really understood it before so I should just give up and stay bad at it.” ย Yes…yes…you read that right. I think this way! Continue reading “No Frowns at the Stompin' Grounds!”

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Valentine’s Day Is Like Coffee

Shall I explain?

Let’s face it, coffee is a social trend.

And there are two groups of people:

Those who love it, because they just do. They love it. They love the taste of it. They always have! They love to sit around and have conversations with friends while they drink it. They love the photos of coffee on social media, because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. There are even some who love it more, because everyone else likes it too! Why should they go against it? So what if it’s a social trend?! They love it anyway!


And then, there are— Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Is Like Coffee”