The Sierra Price Times

The Great Escape



Once upon a time…..I personally despise when stories start like this, but since this is a newspaper, I have to start it off the way they want me to. So—

Once upon a time, there lived many little People. They lived in a house on a mountain. They weren’t quite sure what the name of the house was, because they were far too small to read any signs, and their mouths were so tiny that they could barely even talk. In fact, their expressions were FROZEN onto their faces forever. So, they have to communicate in strange ways.

These little People were very tired of this house on a mountain. They wanted to find adventure. They had only ever heard of the word Adventure. They weren’t quite sure what it was, so they wanted to find out for themselves. Continue reading “The Great Escape”

The Sierra Price Times

Return to the Sierra Price Times!

To be frank, my ability to write children adventure stories is lacking, so 2 years ago, I embarked on an Adventure entitled The Sierra Price Times that forced me to develop my skill as a children’s writer. It is nowhere near my strong suit, so this month of January I’m jumping back in it and sharing with you what I wrote two years ago, as well as working toward another personal goal that won’t be shared on this blog.

I am excited to share The Sierra Price Times (a children’s newspaper) with you, because it was my first real jump into a kid’s adventure and I wove personal experience through it while also creatively adding some personal photography to the project.


You can expect an edition every Monday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks. And that will get us through January, which in my experience, is one of the drabbest months to get through! Such a shame since it’s my birthday month! HA.

COMING UP— Continue reading “Return to the Sierra Price Times!”