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EDITION 6: Sir White Beard’s Plan

Several nights have passed since the Grant volunteered in Lynn’s place. What a gentleman he is and how curious that a gentleman can be tough as nails when called to be. That’s the mark of a gentlemen, the ability to discern when to be tough and when to be gentle.

As the Gang (except for Grant, of course) are conversing behind the rocks for an escape plan, Sir White Beard has struck up a conversation with Grant. “Hello, lad. What brings you to these parts?” Grant replies without hesitation, “Adventure.” The investigators observe an undeniable glint pass through Sir White Beard’s eyes before it disappears completely.


Grant looks away, unsure of how to respond to Sir White Beard’s silence. “Look, lad,” begins Sir White Beard. “We can escape through that hole there, but I need your help. I’m old yet and need assistance.” Grant is a gentlemen, of course he will help! “We can return for the others as soon as we get the appropriate back-up”, the investigators overhear Sir White Beard say.

Meanwhile, Lynn, Deanna, Lilly, and Mr. Peacock notice the movement at the far end of the crated prison. Mr. Peacock exclaims, “Ladies, oh please, look in the distance! Movement, I cannot be mistaken!” No words are exchanged as the girls and Mr. Peacock waddle as fast as they are able to the edge of the crated prison without being seen by Pirate Girl.


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EDITION 5: The Gang Gets Caught

It’s a sunny day in the world of little People, though the sunny brightness stops there. The myriad good feelings that were felt and sported by all 4 little people have vanished as the travel continues to weigh heavily on their minds and well…their one plastic foot.

Early this morning, all 4 were found bickering and complaining with one another. D missed the little humans playing with her, and Lynn missed the large plastic zebra. Lilly was practically in tears for a majority of the morning, because she missed Lady Grey, and Grant’s temper was on edge ,because of the wild emotions swinging from each girl.

They traveled like this until they saw something quite extraordinary at exactly 10:15 am while hiding behind a tower of rocks made of dirt.


What they saw sent gasps among the Gang. And Mr. Peacock, who stayed as far behind the four as he possibly could, froze in shock (remember that Mr. Peacock loathes adventure). The Gang stares wide-eyed at what looks to be a crate full of trapped animals. Continue reading “EDITION 5: The Gang Gets Caught”

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EDITION 4: The Gang Rescues a Peacock

The morning after the Gang found shelter, they continued their travels. With plastic bodies, they have to work twice as hard as a “regular” human.

Statistics state that although little People have the potential to live longer, they don’t usually live as well. Many limitations are set upon them and as our investigators have found, the statistics can be breached! Today, we find them walking through what they call a “desert land.”


The weary travelers are much slower today as they are worn from walking for a couple weeks now. D tries to keep the spirits up and Lynn does her share of cheering and talking to keep the Gang from falling behind. Lilly is her normal quiet self and is very concentrated. She is most often aware of the imminent dangers and keeps her watch constant. Grant seems to be thinking seriously about their situation and evaluating the best possible way to go about their Adventure. Our investigators find them walking along the edge of a ditch.


Lynn avoids looking down, though Deanna enjoys the drop. Grant leads so as to protect the girls. Our investigators lag behind, watching carefully, waiting to see if anything may go wrong. Around 9:15 am, the Gang noticed an animal who had fallen in the ditch. Continue reading “EDITION 4: The Gang Rescues a Peacock”

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EDITION 3: The Gang Finds Shelter

The Sierra Price Times apologizes in advance for the blurry quality of the following photos.

It isn’t easy being little People in the vast unknown. Nighttime proves to be the hardest for the weary travelers. As a result, the investigators took low quality pictures, but Lady Grey insists on knowing their whereabouts even if the the pictures come through blurry. The Gang was spotted traveling away from the Gate at 8:45 pm.


Lynn leads the way as the other three lag behind. Of all four, she seems to have the most energy. Our investigators inform us of their conversation. Grant says, “Sometimes, I wish we had never left the the stuffy house.” And Deanna replies, “I think we have all thought that, but it’s probably just because we are tired.”

Lynn suggests that they rest for the night and Lilly agrees. Forgetting his previous desire to return to the stuffy house, Grant sees a stick that leads to a something. Clearly, the Gang is confused about what this something is. Our investigators are still looking into the possibilities of what this something could be. Continue reading “EDITION 3: The Gang Finds Shelter”