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Well, blogs are overwhelming things aren’t they? So, let’s make it easy for you! I’ve combined a handful of my favorite posts to this page. Anything in bright color will lead you where you want to go. I hope these words meet you wherever you are today.


Ever been heartbroken by life? It’s crushing in a way you can’t avoid, but then you look up and see the slowest bit of healing. I’ve been there. A couple times. And then April comes and you don’t know what you’re doing, but God does. And it’s beautiful. You find yourself surprised by life, hands deep in it. You realize you can celebrate against all odds. What beauty! What joy!

Ever felt like the forgotten woman? I can tell you right now that you’re not, but read that post if you’re discouraged or absolutely sure you’re forgotten. There is no “Christian” ladder for you to climb. You don’t need to be a wife or a mom. You’re a woman loved by God.

Did you know the song of the weary is beautiful? Do not despair though you feel battered and bruised. These are words for your broken heart. And I have one beautiful word to describe you. I’m 9 years into my chronic pain life and this is what I have to say about it. To read how you can thrive while experiencing chronic pain, start here.

Ever been “stuck” in the same season for ages and ages? You need to know this is not a dead-end. You can do your most important work TODAY. And you’re actually standing IN life right now. It’s okay to let this season be whatever it is…grief or joy, but read this. Let me show you the way of anticipation. It is beautiful and different and it can be yours no matter where you stand or sit crushed. And if you wander or get lost… just always, always return. Be a Returner.

Need words to sit with you wherever you are? Here are some comforting words on grief. And some breathtaking words on grace. Here are words straight from the wasteland. This just might be the song of your soul. (I’m learning to sing it too.) If this is overwhelming, just start with these poems. Poetry is simple way to tell profound stories. Perhaps, I’ve already told one of yours.

Welcome to Cottonwood Lane–a blog full of good stuff, bright hope, and words for the weary.