I tried to go LIVE not once, not twice, not thrice…but FOUR times. FOUR! To no avail! So we are going back to the trusty ole’ blog post. And you know something? It feels quite nice to sit here in the blogosphere, because it’s been so long! No more rambling, let’s just get to the good stuff.

What is the significance behind the cover?

A lot of thought went behind the cover for A Pygmy’s Life for Me. My sister, Hannah, was the brilliant artist and the brain behind it all! She incorporated actual colors from my old journals then added black + a gold river running throughout. The black represents the big questions in the book. Questions like, Who am I, really? Does my small story matter? Is this story worth sharing? These are questions that press on all of us in different seasons, and black is a pretty good color to describe those emotions. Even so, there are beautiful (even surprising) answers to these questions, and that’s what the gold river represents...truth & freedom!

I love that the cover for A Pygmy’s Life for Me is so simple, and that the artwork makes it feel like a journal you may use to write about your own life. I want you to see yourself in the thoughts and questions. I want you to to experience the emotions of my journey and acknowledge the emotions you may already have in your own journey. I want you to get to the end and realize “Yes, I’m her and she’s me and we are free!”. I think this cover portrays freedom and joy, and I think it explores the complicated journey of arriving there. As always, it’s art and can be interpreted a thousand different ways! That’s the beauty of it!

What was the hardest part of writing A Pygmy’s Life for Me?

I think writing about your own life is just difficult. The first draft of this book was so guarded. Quite a few years later + rigorous editing…and I got braver. A Pygmy’s Life for Me is classified as non-fiction, but I still used creative license to weave a certain measure of fiction throughout the pages….very difficult! But I let you know all this before you begin reading.

And truth be told, life is pretty chaotic for all of us, so being sure that my memories, emotions, and experiences are understandable + intertwined in a relate-able way is a long process! I couldn’t possibly add everyone in my book. I also couldn’t touch on every single struggle I’ve worked through in God’s grace & strength. It’s never good to overwhelm the reader, and a book always needs a clear message. I had to know what to include and what to leave out. I’m so happy with how it turned out, but those were tough decisions.

What was the easiest part of writing A Pygmy’s Life for Me?

The later chapters were definitely the easiest to write. When I first wrote them, the memories were fresh and poignant. It was fun to develop my thoughts and expound on the emotions of that time in my life. It was wonderful to watch those memories and emotions arrive at a beautiful place. I’ve said it before, but writing this book has been a healing process for me.

What is your favorite chapter?

My favorite chapter will always and forever be Chapter 28. It’s not a particularly profound chapter, but I love the memory printed on those pages. And, of course, I will always love the end. For so many reasons. You’ll know just what I mean when you get to those last pages!

What is your goal for A Pygmy’s Life for Me?

I’m trusting that God will get this book into the hands that need it, and I know He will. But my goal for A Pygmy’s Life for Me is to bring clarity and truth to anyone feeling small, misunderstood, or isolated. I believe kids from good homes will especially relate to this book, but I also wholeheartedly believe that anyone who reads this story may get to the end & say, “Ah, yes. I am free just like her and this is joy.”

We’ve got the same story.

And it really is breathtaking.

You’ll see.

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