I Wrote a Book for Christian Kids & Here’s Why

I wrote a book for the Christian kids growing up in the ministry. I wrote a book for the Christian kids who look like they are living pretty perfect, pretty easy lives. I wrote a book for the Christian kids who are asking the big, haunting questions that just won’t go away. My book, A Pygmy’s Life for Me, holds the story every Christian kid needs.

And here’s why.

Whether you believe it or not, there are kids growing up in the ministry who are getting ignored either because their struggles aren’t big enough (you know, like the struggles coming from broken, shattered homes), or because they are too afraid and too ashamed to expose the absolute mess of their heart. These kids are watching God change hollowed-out lives from the inside out, but they themselves are sitting hollow and wondering if it’s even okay to feel that way…because compared to all the other kids, their life is a fluffy piece of cake.

Except it’s not.

Not for those “good” Christian kids over there struggling with pornography, depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, cynicism, shame, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, all-consuming fear…and on and on it goes. These kids face their heartache while living in a good, Christian home. And that’s flat-out confusing. Questions linger. Hiding places get more strategic. Some kids open up and get the help they need from their parents or other trusted counselors. But others stay stone silent wondering how they could ever say their heart out loud. The broken darkness of this world holds no respect for Christian kids in good homes.

And I’ll never be able to say that enough.

There’s no such thing as a good kid, and yet Christian kids growing up in the ministry often feel strapped down by this perception and are afraid to speak up. It doesn’t matter to me whether you think this struggle is self-inflicted, valid, or pressing. But if you are questioning these things, then you’ve absolutely confirmed my point.

Christian kids need help. Big time.

So, I wrote my story and interwoven through all the pages are those huge, haunting questions.

Who am I? Do I matter? Is my small story worth anything? Will people only ever see me as a “good” Christian kid? Have I built this prison or have others helped build it? How do I get out? Is this story worth sharing at all?

Do these questions sound like ones you’ve asked before?


This is my story, but it’s your story too. We may walk from different families and homes and valleys and mountaintops, but we have all asked the same questions. This book gives voice to all kids who are afraid to speak up. This book gives clarity to all the adults still searching for answers. This book is pulsing with hope and grace and victory.

So yes, Christian kids need this story, but so do you. We’re all kids, really. We are all asking massive questions that haunt us, crying in corners by ourselves, wondering how we fit in this big world, searching for the key that’s going to get us out of these all-consuming prisons, and discovering freedom and grace along the wilderness way.

This is our story. Yours and mine.

And you can find it here.