Everything You Need to Know about A Pygmy’s Life for Me!

A Pygmy’s Life for Me is available for purchase! You may be jumping for joy (like me!), and yet wondering why you should be excited to read this book. You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers! Let me share why this is a book for YOU.

What is A Pygmy’s Life for Me about?

A Pygmy’s Life for Me is a personal memoir and chronicles my slow to discovery to true freedom. You’ll open the first page to find me as an overwhelmed 17-year-old, sitting in the suffocating prison of my past and my present. You will experience an intimate recounting of my life with each chapter containing portions of my childhood and adolescence (spanning the ages 10-17). At times, A Pygmy’s Life for Me will be ridiculous, abrupt, painful, overwhelming, humorous, selfish, sad, lost, confused, and angry, but woven through these pages is freedom and the slow unraveling of my chaotic heart. Although this is a personal memoir, there is an element of fiction as I work to communicate an important message. I can’t wait for you to read it!

Who is the target audience for A Pygmy’s Life for Me?

Simple answer? Anyone feeling stuck in their own small (seemingly) insignificant life. A 12-year-old girl and a 45-year-old woman could read this book and deeply relate to everything that’s packed within the pages. A Pygmy’s Life for Me is written from a young girl’s perspective, and you’ll keenly feel that as you read the story. I give you a front row seat to all sorts of adventures, mishaps, emotions, and heartbreaks. If you’re in the midst of growing up, this book is for you! If you’ve already grown up, this book is also for you! You will both relate.

Why is it called A Pygmy’s Life for Me?

I grew up at Ironwood Christian camp located in the Mohave desert. The resident staff children are affectionately known as desert pygmies. My friends and I hated being called pygmies not because the name itself is bad (it means small, short), but because of the label it slapped on us….camp kids that grew up in a good family and a sheltered environment. If I were to say missionary kids or pastor kids, you automatically have a preconceived idea of who these kids are, what they struggle with, and how they act. Being called a pygmy had the same kind of effect for us.

A large portion of the book is my struggling to understand who I am apart from the labels “good” kid, pygmy /camp kid, sheltered/Christian kid etc. A Pygmy’s Life for Me is the battle of my heart and mind, but by the last chapter, pygmy becomes something else entirely, a wonderful discovery. You’ll just have to read it!

What is your favorite chapter?

I’ve always loved Chapter 28 entitled “The Rainstorm and Tea Party Royalty”. It always brings me back to a light-hearted afternoon filled with the kind of magic and memories that get stuck in your heart forever. And I love the last chapter, because the truth about my life is in black and white. Suddenly, all my chaos finally unravels to freedom and joy. The tears have never quite fallen, but I’ve felt them well up more than once during the writing process.

Why should I read this book?

You should read A Pygmy’s Life for Me, because woven through my personal memories, fears, and emotions, I will answer big questions such as Who am I really? Does my small story matter at all? Is it even worth telling? The answers are surprising, the truth is breathtaking, and the discovery is freeing. I’d even venture to say my story belongs to you too. And don’t you want to read something that belongs to you?

Where and when will it be available?

It’s available on Amazon right here.

I just ordered, but can’t wait that long to read A Pygmy’s Life for Me, what should I do?

Well, you can start by reading Chapter One today! YES. Right this very minute!

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I didn’t order, but I’m thinking about it. Can I still read Chapter One for free?

YES. YES. YES!! That link works for you too. Even better? Join the email list and get the first two chapters completely free.

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