Story of a Good Girl

My book, A Pygmy’s Life for Me, is a “good” girl’s story of her un-good heart. It chronicles the childhood and adolescence of a girl who is wrestling with the questions that haunt countless Christian kids. Do people only see me as a good, Christian kid? Who am I really? Does my small story matter at all? Is it worth telling?

The entire book is about a girl walking into freedom…finally escaping the perceptions, opinions, and self-proclaimed prisons of her past and present. At times, the story is ridiculous, abrupt, painful, overwhelming, humorous, selfish, sad, lost, confused, and angry. But woven in it all is healing, growth, and discovery. And isn’t that life? Life with God, anyway.

I can’t wait to share this book with you as it is my own story, written from my heart, and based on my own experiences as a girl growing up in a Christian ministry. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll experience the emotions, and feel the relief as I take you through my own personal journey of discovering freedom in God. Chances are, it’s your story too. And it will leave definitely leave you overjoyed when you finish the last page.

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