7 Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season

You want a good holiday season. But you're a human holding tough things. So how can you--and all of us--enjoy the holidays? Here's 7 practical tips I believe will help all of us live the holidays fully and without regret. 1. Create boundaries. When I say create boundaries, I mean it.¬†Create them everywhere and be… Continue reading 7 Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Season

Your Most Important Work Happens Today

Today, you woke up. And maybe it's an ordinary day, but it's also the only¬†day you're living in. You don't get to live in yesterday, and you don't get to live in tomorrow. And here's the thing, The most important work you can possibly do is already in front of you today. You can't work… Continue reading Your Most Important Work Happens Today

The Surprising Habit of Pain

Pain has a surprising habit of crushing our hearts gloriously nearer to God Himself. And it is God who can take the impossible--especially the impossible!--and transform it into beauty while pressing His love and goodness deep into our chasm of heartache. But we turn to despair so fast. Surely pain is here because we are… Continue reading The Surprising Habit of Pain

When Growing Pains Overwhelm Your Soul–

You're right in the middle of it. You're experiencing more growing pains in your soul. And 2019 is turning out to be overwhelming. Again. Like it was last year. Only just recently you felt like you were making a lot of heart progress and it seemed like maybe you were turning a hundred corners and… Continue reading When Growing Pains Overwhelm Your Soul–